About IIR

The Italian Information Retrieval (IIR) Workshop was created in 2009 by Massimo Melucci, Stefano Mizzaro, and Gabriella Pasi at the European Summer School in Information Retrieval (Padova, IT, 2009). The purpose of the IIR workshop has been to provide a meeting forum for stimulating and disseminating research in Information Retrieval, where early-stage researchers can network and discuss their research results in an informal way. Since 2010, IIR grew thanks to the support and the cooperation of the community. IIR 2019 is the tenth edition of the Italian Information Retrieval Workshop.

Previous editions:

  • IIR 2018 in Rome, IT
    • General Chair: Aris Anagnostopoulos
    • Program Chairs: Luca Becchetti, Nicola Tonellotto, Marko Tkalcic
  • IIR 2017 in Lugano, CH
    • General Chair: Fabio Crestani,
    • Program Chairs: Tommaso Di Noia, Raffaele Perego
  • IIR 2016 in Venice, IT
    • General Chair: Salvatore Orlando;
    • Program Chairs: Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio, Franco Maria Nardini
  • IIR 2015 in Cagliari, IT
    • General Chair: Domenico Dato, Raffaele Perego;
    • Program Chairs: Paolo Boldi, Fabrizio Sebastiani
  • IIR 2014 in Roma, IT
    • General Chair: Roberto Basili;
    • Program Chairs: Fabio Crestani, Marco Pennacchiotti
  • IIR 2013 in Pisa, IT
    • General Chair: Fabrizio Sebastiani;
    • Program Chairs: Roberto Basili, Giovanni Semeraro
  • IIR 2012 in Bari, IT
    • General Chair: Giovanni Semeraro;
    • Program Chairs: Gianni Amati, Claudio Carpineto
  • IIR 2011 in Milano, IT
    • General Chair: Gabriella Pasi;
    • Program Chairs: Massimo Melucci, Stefano Mizzaro
  • IIR 2010 in Padova, IT
    • General Chair: Massimo Melucci;
    • Program Chairs: Stefano Mizzaro, Gabriella Pasi